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this innovative body dryer - Valiryo Body Dryer

There is something even better than having a relaxing shower: having a relaxing shower and having your body dry with the warm air massage of Valiryo Body Dryer.
Effective, ecological, relaxing and healthy this innovative body dryer brings an extra comfort to your life.

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Air Therapy:
a unique
well-being experience

A new concept has appeared in personal caring field. Air therapy is the relaxation achievement through a warm air massage throughout your body. Be stroked with the comfort breeze of Valiryo Body Dryer at your home.

You come first

Valiryo Body Dryer, was awarded by KBB for being the best Innovator Bathroom Product in the USA in 2019, an ecological, healthy and well-designed device which protects your skin and the planet.

Enjoy The Natural Drying

Its use reduces the need of the towels. Consequently, if we use less towels means that we waste less water and energy. It is a great news for you and for the environment.

New, exclusive and sustainable
New, exclusive and sustainable - Valiryo Body Dryer

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