Our History

Our history dates back to 2005, when the two telecommunications engineers Ion Esandi and Patxi Fabio joined forces to apply their professional knowledge for the benefit of others. They developed technology systems for the automotive industry that helped intellectually disadvantaged people perform their work with a 100% quality guarantee. Sometime later, in 2009, the company was founded with the intention of providing its services to other groups of people and industries. From then on, the company acted as a consulting firm for companies whose products stood for the paradigm of universal usability and accessibility. 

In 2015, after several years of independence, they founded another company – Valiryo S.L. - and fulfilled a long-standing dream: design, development, manufacture and finally the market launch of their first own product, which not only made the lives of many people easier and more comfortable, but was also intended to be sustainable. The Valiryo Body Dryer. 

Under the leadership of Mr. Esandi, the young and ambitious start-up subsequently managed to successfully master numerous challenges - such as financing, further development, production and, last but not least, worldwide patenting of the product. 
With a limited budget, but all the greater willpower and unbridled enthusiasm, various certifications and classifications were obtained in order to move step by step closer to the vision of global accessibility of the product.

At the end of 2018, Valiryo S.L established its first joint venture in Germany in order to establish local sales and marketing structures and thus make the product more accessible to a new, large market. In 2019 Valiryo GmbH was finally founded. Based in South Hess, the company is primarily responsible for representing and developing the Valiryo brand in the German-speaking countries, Scandinavia, the Czech Republic as well as Slovakia.